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Basescu's mole
ZIUA is in possession of a report drawn up by a foreign intelligence service that has monitored the Romanian interest games in Necolaiciuc affair
The CFR (Romanian Railways) ex-director, wanted for a fraud of almost one billion EURO, was taken out from Romania by one of the intelligence services now loyal to Traian Basescu. Mihai Necolaiciuc ran to Austria via Bulgaria in 2004. He was last seen at the US Embassy in Vienna on June 1st, 2005. He lived for a while also in the US, where he owns several properties. The same secret service that has taken Necolaiciuc out of the country protects him and keeps him hidden, to "deliver" him at the right time, that is when the current president's needs ask for it. Tightly linked to Basescu, Boc, Blaga, Berceanu, and heads of the secret services whom he granted contracts to, the CFR ex-director may be used against the president's enemies. Meanwhile, the secret services let Mihai Necolaiciuc freely and unhampered run his affairs abroad.
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