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The battle for the Euro-parliamentary elections
In the name of respecting the date of the elections for the European Parliament, PD (Democratic Party) attacked on two fronts yesterday. On one hand, the Democrats asked the chief of State to postpone the uninominal referendum, and on the other hand they said the Commission against Basescu should be suspended until the representatives of the Constitutional Court gave its opinion. Two major leaders of the party, close to president Traian Basescu, expressed the PD position: Vasile Blaga and Emil Boc. Moreover, Blaga even mentioned that his viewpoint is, in fact, the same with PM Calin Popescu-Tariceanu had when he emphasized the importance of the elections for the EP in due term.
PNL is ironical to the Democrats
Deputy George Scutaru, member in the PNL (National Liberal Party) Central Political Bureau, stated, yesterday, as quoted by Mediafax, that the Democrats should refer to the Constitutional Court also the fact on president Traian Basescu's "abuse" regarding Adrian Cioroianu and PNL. "The Inquiry Committee operates on the grounds of a mandate given by the Parliament and has no reason to interrupt its activity until the Constitutional Court examines PD's legal contest", the Liberal deputy stated. In his opinion, in order to prove it wishes to hold for any abuse, PD should refer to the Constitutional Court also in the case of Adrian Cioroianu, that PNL proposed to replace Mihai Ungureanu at the MAE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
Blaga will not sign for the postponement of the elections
The PD general secretary, also minister of Administration and Interior, Vasile Blaga, stated, yesterday, in a press conference, that he would not sign a possible Government's Decision on the postponement of the elections for the European Parliament. "The PM is the head of the Government and he can also assume all by himself such a governmental decision that I, personally, will not sign", he said, underlying that the postponement of the elections is a political decision, which is not grounded on technical reasons. (R.A., R.P.)
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