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Offside position used
Romanian Liberals are planning to postpone the elections for MEPs until autumn in order to undermine President Basescu's referendum. The move is risky, given the President's attribution to reach a final decision.
Tariceanu's Liberals have been considering it in an attempt to get back the points they have been losing in opinion polls and to belittle the importance of the uninominal vote referendum, which the President of Romania is longing for. PNL (National Liberal Party) sources say party leaders want this because they are relying on the participation of a small number of Romania at the uninominal vote referendum. It is just that the President can use the offside position, since the date of the referendum is settled by presidential decree and 'coincidence' may schedule the referendum to take place the same day that elections for MEPs are held. (...)
Sources claim: "The electorate connects anything Basescu does with the PD (Democrat Party). Basescu's victory with the uninominal vote is, after all, the Democrats' victory. This may provide the PD with a substantial advantage in the elections for MEPs." Therefore the Democrats are suspected of taking future benefit of Basescu's contribution to the uninominal vote. On the other hand by postponing elections for the European Parliament the Liberals want their poll regress to cease so that they would really compete against the Democrats. The Romanian PM is to talk to the heads of parliamentary parties one more time today. (...)
Cotroceni Palace to house consultations
Presidency spokeswoman Adriana Saftoiu announced yesterday: "President Traian Basescu has invited parliamentary parties and government members to consultations on the uninominal vote referendum next Tuesday and Wednesday. During the consultations the head of state is going to take up a date for the referendum too so that the date already scheduled for the elections for the Parliament of Europe won't change." (...)
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