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"Moldovan Community" to be sacked
-- The Prosecutor's Office in Iasi has appealed against the decision that the "Community of Moldovans in the Moldovan Republic" should be established. The court session is due in March 5. The association's representatives stepped back, claiming the association would dismember in case of being the object of political use, which already happened because of President Voronin's statements.
The above-mentioned association who visited Chishinau was cheered by the Moldovan Parliament in February 22, after having met with the President of the Moldovan Republic, Vladimir Voronin. It was Communist leader Victor Stepaniuc who introduced the organization's representatives to the Parliament. After talking to them, President Voronin claimed in an interview that in Romania there were 10 millions of discriminated Moldovans. (...) (G.D.)
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Auzi ce chestie, mon cher... Cica i-au pus pe moldoveni in sac....   de Omul cu Picioare foarte Paroase
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