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Liberals don't want a government of their own
The Liberals have turned down Romanian Conservatives' ultimatum on the making of a Liberal government by March 12. Theodor Melescanu, a vice president of the PNL (National Liberal Party), said yesterday that the Liberals wouldn't be considering a government restructuring project with no Democrat ministers on the list.
Crin Antonescu, a PNL vice president as well, commented after yesterday's meeting of the PNL Permanent Committee that they hadn't talked about the government restructuring because it was the PM's attribution. Still he added it was likely they should take it up the following week. (...)
PD: Conservatives want to matter
Emil Boc, a president of the PD (Democrat Party), claimed yesterday that the Conservative ultimatum for the Romanian government was the expression of a current practice with Romanian politics: no matter how small, any party can hope "to matter" by assailing the large party. He explained the PD wouldn't be entrapped in such challenges and would pay less attention to parties rated under 5%. "I think only in Romania is it possible for the opposition to decide on the government's structure", he concluded.
When asked to comment on the Liberal Democrat parliamentarians' intention to support a Conservative bill against the government, Boc replied: "Each party is free to reach whatever decisions it wants. The PD will collaborate with no party that stands by a bill against the government. "
Against suspending President Basescu
Theodor Melescanu announced yesterday that the PNL wouldn't be supporting the oppositions' intention to arrange referendum in order to suspend the President of Romania Traian Basescu. He argued: "As for the suspension of the President our view is very clear: for the time being we can see no severe breaks of the Constitution." He outlined that the elections for MEPs were Romania's priority for now. Ludovic Orban shared the view, claiming that the President's conduct oscillations didn't mean breaking of Constitution.
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