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Politicians comment on uninominal vote initiative
-- No need for referendum
Theodor Melescanu, vice president of the National Liberal Party, argued yesterday: "The National Liberal Party is a firm adept of the uninominal vote. The proof is our projects in 2003 and 2005, elaborated after consultations with civil society. Although we haven't reached a final solution yet, we can't see the use of the referendum. A referendum is necessary when the Romanian society reaches controversy. But the uninominal vote is no controversy."
An impulse
According to Emil Boc, president of the Democrat Party, Romanian Democrats are for it and they think that national referendum on it is necessary in order to provide the political class with an impulse to choose this system. He claimed that both the Democrats and the Liberals would support the Pro Democracy project on the uninominal vote, due to two main advantages: citizens would vote for individuals instead of lists and the number of parliamentarians would undergo a 20% cut.
The Democrats' electoral agent
Mircea Geoana, a leader of the Social-Democrat Party, argued yesterday: "It is more and more obvious that President Traian Basescu is making use of this diversion by connecting the uninominal vote referendum with the campaign he is targeting as the main electoral agent of the Democrat Party. Of course President Basescu doesn't sincerely trust the uninominal vote, but he wishes a pretext to campaign for the Democrats all over Romania." He added the Social Democrats' view was related to the Parliament's obligation to pass a law on the uninominal vote system, apart from the referendum announced by the President of Romania. (A.H. C.E., R.A.)
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