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One question for Romanians
-- "Do you agree to the organization of elections in uninominal poll stations?" This is the question electors are to be asked in the referendum on the uninominal vote, initiated by the President of Romania Traian Basescu.
The President talked about the uninominal vote to representatives of NGOs preoccupied with the reform of the electoral system yesterday in Cotroceni Palace. He insisted that the question Romanians would be asked by referendum should be clear and simple and leave no room for the Parliament to interpret popular will. Sources attending yesterday's debate claim the question is to sound like mentioned above. Still they say "slight adjustment" is likely, because the President announced he would have consultations with both civil society representatives and political parties.
Yesterday's meeting took place just one day before the NGO demonstrations to support minister Monica Macovei and the fight against corruption, due in Bucharest.
Advantages and disadvantages
After the debate the President mentioned the question people would be asked would be included in the presidential decree to announce the future referendum's date. Basescu promised the attendants to talk to them at least once more before deciding on the question. He commented a choice was to be made for one out of two uninominal vote systems: either for the one settling one or two tours in poll stations or for the one elaborated by the Pro Democracy Association.
According to the President, the first system has it that those who get more than 50% favorable polls from those expressed are elected. If no one reached such a score, the first two would face a second round. Basescu commented: "This system would make parliamentarians more powerful than party heads." He highlighted the system's advantages and disadvantages were to be considered. The President concluded: "I would focus on the two solutions." (...)
From district to district
The President insisted that the uninominal vote had to be explained in every district of Romania, "from district to district". He claimed there was poor chance that the mass media should promote information on the system. He expressed his willingness to participate in efforts meant to inform Romanians about it. He commented: "I know such a campaign is efficient when its promoter is still popular. When such popularity grows weaker, the campaign is doomed to fail." (...)
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