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  Nr. 3863 de vineri, 23 februarie 2007 
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Distrust in Alliance and President grows
The Liberal-Democrat Alliance in power has lost about 5% in the last three months and it is now rated with a score of 41%. As for the President of Romania Traian Basescu, he has now got 49%, as compared to the 57% he used to stick to. These are the main findings of the latest INSOMAR opinion poll.
As for the hierarchy of parties, the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) comes next after the Alliance, followed by the PNG (New Generation Party) with 11,5% and the PRM ("Greater Romania" Party) with 8,5%.
As far as trust in politicians in concerned, Basescu tops the list, although losing major points. Theodor Stolojan is second, due to 35%, but he has also been losing points and getting closer to the score of Gigi Becali (34%). Mircea Geoana, Emil Boc, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, Corneliu Vadim Tudor, Cozmin Gusa, Dan Voiculescu, Petre Roman and Marko Bela enjoy less than 35%. (...) (O.B.)
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