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Romania must fulfil commitments
Romania must fulfil commitments at times when it needs the support of the very ones it now wants to abandon as allies. This is what the President of Romania Traian Basescu said yesterday, replying to the statement made one day before by Liberal senator Norica Nicolai. The latter had announced in press conference that the Liberals were going to ask the Parliament to debate on the need to withdraw Romanian troops from Iraq.
The President highlighted: "Romania will have to go on keeping the promise it made when it was in great need of the US support in order to join the NATO. There are very many who forget the circumstances under which the Nastase Cabinet or President Iliescu decided that Romanian troops would participate in Iraqi conflict". He concluded: "The major hostility is no longer depending on the allies forces, but on the Iraqi groups, the Sunni and the Shiite. We hope the Kurds aren't getting ready too."
Mircea Geoana, a leader of Romanian Social-Democrats, commented in his turn that the Parliament should consider a schedule on the withdrawal of Romanian troops from Iraq. Still he mentioned he disagreed with the Liberals' "frivolous approach" to the matter. (A.H.)
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