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Romanian agriculture in a messy state
-- Unionists in the agriculture food area criticized the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture for lacking a National Strategic Plan in the field. Because of this, they claimed, it was impossible to access community funding. A document such as the National Strategic Plan is meant to set directions for rural development. Once settled, they may no longer be modified until 2013. Unionists claim such a document was supposed to have reached Brussels for approval last year, but they added not even now was it ready.
Nicolae Stefan, a head of the Agrostar, the agriculture union federation, commented: "Because of the political instability the government no longer cares about Romania's commitments for accession." He described the National Strategic Plan for Agriculture as elaborated by the Ministry of Agriculture as "chaotic" and drawn after no consultations with the social dialogue partners.
Dragos Frumosu, a president of the federation of food industry unions, mentioned that the lack of this document would delay fund delivery for one year. He mentioned: "Unless the minister of agriculture wakes up to reality and brings experts to elaborate programmes so that we can get the funds from the EU, he will have to go." He said that a protest meeting was scheduled to take place in Cluj Napoca in February 28 and more than 1,000 farmers would be present to ask for a gradual and correct application of the EU norms and for a final post-accession strategy.
The Ministry's plan is unsatisfactory to the Federation for Forest Protection too and the latter opines the document doesn't meet the real needs of the forest area. Marian Stoicescu, a president of the Federation, explained: "The specific and strategic objectives settled in this plan lack grounds and they have got disastrous effects on the use of EU funds for the Romanian forestry field." (...)
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