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Prince Radu on Spain as model
-- Romania will be able to influence a part of Europe to the better if it has Spain's dynamic approach to prosperity. This is the conclusion expressed by Prince Radu, a special representative of the Romanian government, after his official visit to Spain.
Here is the Prince arguing: "The Romanians who live or work here are dignified people. They have got a moral sense, they are good citizens with manners and with a sense of responsibility. Maybe they are Romania's first 'European citizens'. They have already affiliated to 80 civic organizations, they plead for Romanian culture and education, they live in harmony with the locals, they speak good Spanish, which they have learned as fast as they have learned the life style of the adoptive country."
According to Prince Radu, hundreds of people attended his meetings in Castilla-La Mancha. He noticed Spain's "amazing capacity" to assimilate European funds and expressed hope that Romania would use this model. The Romanian government's representative praised those Romanians employed in Spain for their "courage and strength" to fit in. He commented: "Romania's image hasn't changed due to the world's press or officials, but due to these unknown citizens of Romania. Due to them, Romania is growing truly European. (...) We can see with our own eyes the emergence of a new force of Romanian society abroad, a dynamical and flexible force, useful to both Romania and Europe. While we are taking obsessive efforts to make sure that Dambovita River is a main point in the world's geopolitics, Don Quixote replaced windmills with private airports." (O.B.)
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