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Saftoiu: "Normal institutional practice"
-- Adriana Saftoiu, a spokeswoman for Romanian Presidency, reacted yesterday to the press article unveiling the Romanian President's resolution to the report written by the Art Constructii '92 Company, which she described as "normal institutional practice, expressing the institution's obligation to analyze the case and decide on a legal solution to it."
According to the spokeswoman, the President of Romania Traian Basescu has got nothing to do with the above-mentioned company, he didn't meet the authors of the petition or any other shareowner. The official explained: "I want to emphasize that the President sent no report to the National Railroads Company. He sent it to the Ministry of Transport. I am mentioning it because the President sent it to the ministry entitled to see to the respective case, but not to the Romanian Railroads Company, the institution that could have made the payment. "
Saftoiu also added that, the minute the petition had reached Presidency Administration, it would have been sent to the Ministry of Transport under any circumstances, because the latter was the institution entitled to handle the issue. She also announced: "In the last two years Presidency Administration received a hundred thousand petitions. Most of them address the President himself." (...)
Geoana: "One more unconstitutional act"
Mircea Geoana, a president of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), commented yesterday on the President's note regarding the Art Constructii '92 as one more unconstitutional act of the President, even more severe that the ALRO note, since there were President Basescu's directions for a government member. He opined this new case would have to be considered in the investigations by the parliamentary committee looking into procedures to suspend the President of Romania. (...)
Orban: "Basescu represents a clan of occult interests"
Ludovic Orban, a vice president of the PNL (National Liberal Party), commented in his turn yesterday that the two notes written by the President and uncovered lately were proves of the latter's activities touching upon criminality, traffic of influence and abuse. The Liberal official claimed that Basescu was no longer presenting Romania or the Liberal-Democrat Alliance, but "a clan of occult interests", shaped close to Elena Udrea and Dorin Cocos. (...) (A.H., R.A., R.G.)
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