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Via Elena
-- ZIUA uncovered yesterday a case of traffic of influence committed by the head of state in order to favor a controversial businessman, whom he helped recuperate more than 100 billion ROL, which he was to get from the Romanian Railways Company. In April 2005 Traian Basescu wrote down clear directions for the transport minister Gheorghe Dobre, thus exceeding his attributions. It is about the President's resolution to a petition authored by the Art Constructii '92 Company belonging to Dumitru Bucsaru, a document informing the President that the company was to cash more than 100 billion RON from the Romanian Railways Company. A few months after the President had given the directions, things were settled and Bucsaru got the money.In yesterday's newspaper you could also read a report on Bucsaru's ties with the President's group. He is in tight connections with Elena Udrea, formerly a Presidency adviser, and her husband, businessman Dorin Cocos. More exactly, the owner of Art Constructii '92 Company is in control of two companies having two of Cocos' associates as shareowners.
It is therefore as clear as crystal that Elena Udrea was the link between Dumitru Bucsaru and Traian Basescu. The whole trick used to help Bucsaru get rid of debts was actually played by the President's former adviser. It grows even more obvious if we consider that Elena Udrea was the official who would categorize the documents sent to Presidency.
As predictable, the President's spokeswoman Adrian Saftoiu said yesterday that the President's attitude at the case had been as normal as possible. It was also predictable that Elena Udrea should stand by Basescu and deny that neither herself nor her husband had business connections with Dumitru Bucsaru, in spite of the clear evidence. As proved, Dorin Cocos is one of the President's close friends and a business partner of Dumitru Bucsaru.
But to make things more clear in today's newspaper we are providing you with a thorough report on the Bucsaru-Cocos-Basescu connection. It brings to the foreground very severe guilty links achieved via the already famous Udrea-Cocos couple.
Dobre claims he wasn't influenced
Gheorghe Dobre, formerly a minister of transport, claims President Basescu's resolution on the above-mentioned company influenced in no way his solution to the situation the company had pointed to. Dobre explains the Ministry of Transport receives petitions, letters and reports from various companies, institutions and people every day. According to the ex minister, the Ministry is to analyze the documents and offer solutions. He claims the Ministry had been considering solutions to all the 14 companies hired for railways repairs long before getting the petition accompanied by the resolution from the President of Romania. (...)
George TARATA 
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