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Politicians comment on foreign minister's resignation
Theodor Stolojan, the Liberal-Democrat Party: "I think Razvan Ungureanu has been hasty. Foreign affairs isn't the attribution of the PM only. He should have talked to the President before resigning. Tariceanu is once again proving unable to keep the worthy ministers. It is him who drove the worthy ones away."
Lucian Bolcas, the "Greater Romania" Party: "The resignation seems normal to me. In this series of killing carelessness and state institutions' severe malfunction there are no collateral victims. They are the direct victims of their own deeds. All this is happening because of Basescu, who has made state institutions wrathful."
Titus Corlatean, the Social-Democrat Party: "It is a motivated and expected decision. In any democratic state dignified resignation is above all."
Peter Eckstein Kovacs, the Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania: "I understand it is a resignation out of honor. I believe Razvan Ungureanu has been a successful, European minister. I am convinced Ungureanu isn't the main guilty in this crisis. But he decided it and we can only learn it. The Foreign Intelligence Service is the main institution responsible in this case, but not the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, supposed to deal with more ordinary matters."
Liviu Negoita, the Democrat Party: "What is going on seems aberrant to me. Because two workers were irresponsible, a minister who took efforts for Romania's integration in the EU gets to resign in such a manner. This is something one fails to understand Those people were irresponsible, but we are getting ready to welcome them as if they were heroes. ."
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