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Enlargement and development at the same time are achievable
-- In yesterday's meeting with foreign diplomats accredited to Bucharest the President of Romanian Traian Basescu explained the agenda of Romania's foreign policy after the accession to the EU.
The Moldovan Republic is one priority in Romania's European agenda, together with the Constitutional Treaty and the energy. Romania's foreign affairs policy has got more priorities for the post-accession era: cooperation with the NATO, partnership with the US and promotion for the potential of the Black Sea region.
The President mentioned yesterday that Romania was in favor of the 'open door policy', arguing that Bucharest officials would continue to plead that the Moldovan Republic's European prospects should be the same as those of the Western Balkan states.
As for the "normal" interest in the Romanian community abroad, President Basescu outlined it was the state's moral duty to see to the preservation of the Romanian identity by all the legal means and the financial, educational and cultural instruments available. The head of state argued that enlargement and development at the same time was achievable. He promised Romania would facilitate Romanians' access to free circulation and especially the access of the youth wishing to study abroad or to return to the native country, but without disobeying EU norms in the field.
President Basescu underscored that that the top priority for 2007 would be to shape Romania's image as a responsible and efficient member of the EU, fully connected to the main issue on the EU agenda. He commented the EU needed to become "more convincing" at international level.
The Black Sea priority
In yesterday's speech the President focussed on the Black Sea region too, pleading it should get better promotion on the EU agenda. He mentioned the need for security in the respective area, which he described as both resourceful and subject to multiple risks and challenges. Still the President was hopeful that 2007 would mean real progress with solutions to the various frozen conflicts in the region.
Basescu explained Romania would support the NATO efforts to consolidate reforms in defense and the fight against terrorism by amplifying partnerships with the regional states and pleading for EU participation in solutions to the frozen conflicts.
According to the President, Bucharest officials intend to develop separately certain projects on democratic security, starting with the implementation of a functional regional mechanism meant for response to civil emergencies. (...)
Romania's partnership with the US was one more issue for the President to tackle yesterday. He claimed Romania's view was that Europe and Northern America were partners, given the common values and objectives, as well as the need for each other. The President said Romania's accession to the EU also meant consolidation of the strategic partnership with the US. (A.M.L.)
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