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PM dismisses ANAF head
-- Yesterday the Romanian PM dismissed Democrat Sebastian Bodu, head of the ANAF (National Agency for Fiscal Administration). The official reason is Bodu's "misleading public opinion on governmental measures by means of public statements". But unofficially this decision effects from the political vendetta between Romanian Liberals and Democrats. There are official sources claiming that PM Tariceanu is waiting for the PD (Democrat Party) to recommend another person to take over the ANAF.
Tariceanu's reasons
In the government's press release there is mentioned: "The Prime Minister thinks it is unacceptable for a secretary of state to criticize government decisions instead of contributing to the correct use of them and to distance himself from the governmental structures he is employed by. Sebastian Bodu has recently expressed in public some personal opinions on the newly set fee on vice, on the fee to be paid for a first car registering and on the National Integrity Agency, opinions that have got nothing to do with his status as a secretary of state and which are of a rather political nature."
According to the PM, had the ANAF head got information on the growth of fiscal evasion because of the fee on vice, he should have taken measures to prevent it, given his official status. In the document there is also specified: "Given the circumstances, it is careless for the very head of the ANAF to talk about the fiscal evasion growth, since he relies only on his impressions, but not on precise data or ANAF activities, because such attitude misleads public opinion."
Pressure from the Liberals
In their meeting last Thursday the Liberals asked PM Tariceanu to dismiss Bodu because of the latter's critique of the government, published that very day by an important daily, Liberal sources say. Ludovic Orban and Crin Antonescu were some of the Liberals asking the PM to do this.
In the respective interview the ANAF head was claiming that finance minister Sebastian Vladescu had consented to the first car registering fee in spite of having been warned about the view of the Council of Europe. Bodu also criticized the new fee on vice, claiming the Liberals did not want the National Integrity Agency to be established.
Democrats protest
Romanian Democrats believe the reasons the PM invoked in order to dismiss Sebastian Bodu don't call for such decision. They think the dismissal disobeyes the Protocol of the Alliance in power, since according to the latter document such measure may be taken only if the National Council in the Coalition wants so.
The Democrats explain in press release: "We are reminding him that the progress of the ANAF under Bodu's leadership is unprecedented. We are suggesting the Prime Minister should analyze the activity of state secretaries by their achievements, not by political criteria. We are suggesting the Prime Minister should not lead the government to crisis." The Democrats opine the PM's decision shows that the latter official and the PNL are using double language, since they are claiming they want collaboration with the Democrat to continue, but on the other hand they are undermining the very foundations of the team. (...)
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