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President Basescu points to Romanian press
Those businessmen who are behind media companies and come from the former Communist regime are in control of the political and economic life in Romania. They are interested that the state should be as weak as possible. This is the opinion the President of Romania Traian Basescu expressed in an interview to the BBC last Tuesday.
The President claimed that very rich businessmen, politicians and media companies were a triangle fighting against democratic institutions. Below you can read some fragments from this interview.
Here is his comment: "Right now very many people previously in connections to the Communist power have got extraordinary economic power. You know what happened in the Parliament yesterday. We can see their conduct in various events, in politics, in the media companies. This reality affects our daily life. I am determined to face it and diminish its capacity to harm Romania. Please take a look. Here is an issue part of all the media messages: powerless, villainous authorities who don't serve national interests. You can see this message coming from all the private companies, behind which there are businessmen wishing the state to be as weak as possible, because a powerful state would make them no longer control economics and politics. Mind you, Romania's political life! Right now they are managing to settle things in such a way to hamper state institutions."
Triangle fighting against state institutions
"(...) The complex is much wider than what you could see in the Parliament yesterday. This is about a complex: very rich businessmen, people politically influent, politicians and media companies. This is the triangle fighting against democratic institutions, in an attempt to keep on dominating, which they have been doing for 15 years. Ever since 2005 they have been disturbed by some states of things. Still sometimes they manage to get a minister reach the government, to have some influence on main places... We must leave this behind too. I will be a relentless fighter against such things, just as I know they are relentless as far as I am concerned."
"Apart from Patriciu, there are more"
If there is something illegal about this triangle, then how come only Dinu Patriciu is under criminal investigations? Here is the President's answer to this question: "It is not me who does Justice. I don't think there is only the case you have mentioned. I think there are more.
He explained why other press bosses weren't under investigations: "On the one hand, it is because of these people's influence, political influence, and the capacity to pay. On the other hand it is because of our imperfect judiciary system, from the Prosecutor's Office to courts. But it is highly important to me that these institutions have started to feel free and to take action. Nobody says they are perfect institutions and make no mistakes. But I won't cease to encourage them to continue action and do their job."
"The reliable pillars of communism are left"
"After reading the declaration to condemn the Communist regime, I have felt reconciled with myself. Until I became a president I knew what had happened under the Communist regime, like every Romanian, but only from separate pieces of information or from a book. But the situations I have been facing as a president have confirmed the need for such an analysis, for such a report, and the need to express such incrimination against the Communist era in Romania. I have no reserve in supporting the report by the presidential commission headed by Vladimir Tismaneanu. There has been an attempt to discredit the report although people haven't read it. It is about many important public personalities who are reminiscences of the Communist system themselves. Reminiscences of an outlook, for we can't say we can have a new people in 17 years! This is the Romanian people, with their history and reality. Due to their will they have been undergoing transformation. But the reliable pillars of communism are left and they express themselves in the press, in politics, on all TV channels and in very many institutions."
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