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Alliance against Bastroe project
The World Wide Fund and Germany joined Romania's opposition to the Ukrainian project aimed at building the Bastroe shipping canal through the Danube Delta. Lucia Varga, a state secretary in the Ministry of Environment, has announced it.
Vienna has just housed the 9th ordinary reunion of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River. Together with Germany and the WWF, Romania asked Ukraine for information on the Bastroe project and demanded authorities to take into account the conclusions and recommendations from the joint committee, drawn on grounds of the Espoo Convention. The latter committee decided the project had a considerable negative impact on the environment and on the transborder area too. Varga comments: "The Resolution by the Commission for the Protection of the Danube is clear: Ukraine mustn't work on the canal and it is to send us the impact analysis." (...) (L.M.)
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