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Basescu's ex Securitate members
Many of the administrative staff now providing physical and information protection to the President of Romania Traian Basescu come from Ceausescu's guard.
General Alexandru Burian, an executive of the SPP (Guard and Protection Service) director, admits that 2,5% of the employees were members of the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania). 40% of them were active officers before 1989, most of them lieutenants. Now a great number of them are SPP generals who head the institution.
Although President Basescu claimed that in the Romanian Intelligence Service there was one single ex Securitate member left, Burian says the SPP employs less ex Securitate members than other intelligence services. According to the law, the SRI may collect information, follow people and establish information networks, just like the ex Securitate. The question is what is the destination of all the information about protected officials watched each and every step by the President's loyal servants. (...) (D.D.)
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