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Marko Bela wants respect
"We must oppose what some wish: to compromise the UDMR (Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania) and drive this group away from politics. We have approached our participation to the government with devotion. These young men (such as the communication minister Nagy Zsolt) took their oath in pride and listened to this country's hymn. We want respect from our partners. We are determined to deny such accusations, which remind about the fake trails of the 50s. We mustn't put up with it, we mustn't agree to have a man under assail. The UDMR will be next tomorrow and the entire Magyar community in Romania will be next the day after tomorrow. Our partners must think it over and decide on whom they want dialogue with the following years." This is the view the UMDR leader Marko Bela expressed in last Saturday's Council of Regional representatives.
He commented more: "The question is if how serious our partners think our way together can be. (...) Together we achieved the Revolution and the European integration and now we aren't needed any more. If it continues this way, in a fortnight we will find that the UDMR didn't participate at efforts for the integration, that we have no pattern for cohabitation, that Romania's integration was achieved against our will. Now we are getting to see that the Hungarians aren't a partner, a trustworthy, stable and democratic organization. We will get to see the Prosecutor's Office and the press voicing groundless accusations of intelligence and high treason." He concluded: "If the government becomes powerless, then it is not worth being part of it and early elections will be welcome."
Verestoy is sure his phone calls are intercepted
UDMR senator Verestoy Attila says he is sure his phone calls are intercepted not by the secret services, but by the Prosecutor's Office. He claims that, although some Magyar MPs know their phones are bugged, they can't take attitude, despite the suspicion that interception is beyond legal procedures. Verestoy opines that the latest denigration of the UDMR leaders is because the Magyars have visibly been fighting each other for various interests." (...) (A.H.)
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