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Arguments harm Romania's integration severely
The EU Commissioner for Multilingualism Leonard Orban expressed regret yesterday that because of domestic political disputes in Romania there were no public debates on European issues. He demanded that authorities should urgently settle a system to see to European affairs. According to the new EU Commissioner, Romania must become aware that starting with January 1, 2007, in Brussels and more European capital cities, authorities will start to reach decisions most vital to this country.
On the other hand, Orban mentioned he wasn't yet determined to join the PNL (National Liberal Party), but he said he wanted to become an independent official in the ALDE group. Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu expressed confidence that Orban would join the PNL some time in the future.
Tariceanu warns the Democrats
Last Saturday PM Tariceanu warned Boc's Democrats, who had announced their willingness to collaborate with the Stolojan-Stoica group, that the PLD (Liberal Democrat Party) was full of ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania) collaborators, willing to 'betray'. (...)
In Saturday's conference of Bucharest Liberals, the PM didn't hide his concern about the Democrats' openness to the dissidents. He even insisted: "The Alliance is not an agreement between two persons, as Stolojan has insinuated. The signs we are getting from the Democrat Party are worrying. We are reminding the Democrats that the PLD is not a Liberal group. Stolojan himself admitted they had nothing to do with liberalism." After criticizing the Democrats' attitude at the PLD, the PM pleaded for the continuation of the Alliance in power.
Ludovic Orban, a head of Bucharest Liberals, described the PLD as part of a strategy drawn in the Golden Blitz Restaurant and aimed at making a presidential party.
PLD: Tariceanu has got no common sense
The PLD representatives replied that Tariceanu's statement proved that the leader of Romanian Liberals had no common sense. Here goes the press release from the PLD: "Each and every day Calin Popescu Tariceanu proves to be a mediocre prime minister and party president, a man harming the credibility of the National Liberal Party. He is dominated by frustrations because he has failed to become a true party president. In his speech Calin Popescu Tariceanu also proved having no common sense, which is destructive for his image as an educated man." (...)
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