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Mounting evidence against Iliescu
Ion Iliescu is the politician who harmed post-communist Romania most. I wrote about it before the elections in 1992 and there were more who opined the same. But our opinions didn't prevent Romanians from reelecting him president in 1992 and in 2000 too. 'The tyranny of the majority' is the congenital defect of democracy, which Tocqueville had already noticed in 1830. Still many continue to think that if one has got vote majority, even if one is Hitler or Iliescu, one is legitimate. A decision reached by majority is a procedure, but it does not provide legitimacy. Iliescu has never had authentic legitimacy and his political activity during the Communist era, during the Revolution and in the post-communist era too is the very proof of it. Research on such proves has started lately:
1.So far I haven't had the privilege to read the Tismaneanu Commission's Report on the communist dictatorship, but the press is showing that Iliescu is among the Communist leaders who had a remarkable contribution to the consolidation of the Totalitarian Communist regime and its ability to keep power (had it been for this only, it would have been enough to disqualify the president of a democratic state);
2.In his book titled Din culisele luptei pentru putere: 1989-1990 (The Unknown Side of the Struggle for Power: 1989-1990), Alex Mihai Stoenescu uses proves to show something we have all guessed: Iliescu was member of a group coordinated by the USSR and meant to overthrow Ceausescu, but the dictator collapsed because of the military coup plotted by General Stanculescu. After seizing power, Iliescu provided key positions to Soviet agents 'of influence' from the GRU and the KGB (Vasile Ionel, Pancea, Doicaru, Logofatu, Brucan, Barladeanu), with General Militaru on top. He is presented as a GRU agent and he is the man who coordinated the whole terrorist-manipulation operation because of which more 942 innocent people died after Ceausescu had fled;
3.Miron Cozma, formerly a leader of the coal miners, finally confessed that he had led the miners to Bucharest in order to obey orders from president Iliescu. The Military Prosecutor's Office, General Voinea in particular, is about to complete the case on the coal miners' attacks that harmed Romania so much that more than one decade was needed for recovery.
Apart from the controversies of various groups who deny each other's merits or expertise, it is important for my demonstration so far that we can see a collection of practical proves showing Iliescu was a malefic character. From the very beginning in the first months of 1990, he ruined Romania's chances to become a normal, democratic, prosperous, powerful and European state. In his career Iliescu enjoyed constant support from a large number of citizens. Maybe along the years they could hear all these sensible or rhetorical arguments against this Social-Democrat leader, but they didn't care. Therefore they are symbolically responsible for complicity or their perception and understanding were immune to any arguments and their complicity is a matter of pathology.
Some are surprised that the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) members are sticking together close to Iliescu, despite the mounting evidence. But all those who joined Iliescu's illegitimate party at their own will, from Geoana to the most insignificant member of the PSD, know the accusations against Iliescu and his deeds as well. Like some cynical profiteers, they put up with the status: they were aware that they would get power periodically due to electoral mechanisms and nothing else mattered.
Dan Pavel 
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