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Royal House likely to get Peles Castle back in early 2007
The Royal House may get Peles Castle back early next year, as all the juridical aspects of it have been made clear. This is what the Romanian culture minister Adrian Iorgulescu announced yesterday.
The minister informed that a few days before he had had a meeting with the Royal House representatives and they had settled all the juridical procedures and aspects. Iorgulescu mentioned as well that the Ministry of Culture would start procedures to buy properties like Peles, Foisor and Pelisor back. As for the latter, he explained the intention was to keep it a public museum. According to Iorgulescu, Romania will pay 30 million Euro to buy it back. Mediafax Agency informs the price was already set in a law project on the properties to be given back to the Royal House, but in November 2005 the law was declared to be unconstitutional. (...) (B.C.G.)
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