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LATEST - In Brief
ZIUA talked to vice PM of Europe
The ZIUA director Sorin Rosca Stanescu and Dan Ghitescu, a foreign affairs representative of the Realitatea Media Group, visited Siim Kallas at the end of last week. Siim Kallas is a vice president of the European Commission in charge of administrative, audit and anti-fraud matters. The meeting focussed on European Commission initiatives thought to be revolutionary, initiatives taken by Siim Kallas. They concern the set of rules meant to guarantee the transparent use of EU funds.
It is to be mentioned that due to the efforts of Siim Kallas there are now 12 European states, including France and Germany, which passed normative documents to make transparency official. In 2008 all the EU members will have to pass this set of laws. But why wouldn't Romania hurry? This is a question on Kallas's mind. There was also intense talk on integrity, another value connected to transparency. Integrity means mainly the need to know and inform about the relations of a public official who can influence a political decision with economic effects one way or the other.
Both ZIUA and Realitatea TV are going to proceed to journalistic action so that Bucharest authorities too would pass the rules of transparency and integrity. (...) (D.E.)
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