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Threat from the Stolojan-Stoica project's adepts
The adepts of Theodor Stolojan's political project came out yesterday for apocalyptic prognoses on how long Tariceanu's Cabinet would survive and threatened they would soon start offensive against the PNL (National Liberal Party) leaders. The ex presidency adviser warned that his group would be waiting a little bit longer for the PM to give "honest" response and he claimed they were working on "radical" measures.
Gheorghe Flutur commented in his turn: "The present leaders of the PNL are making deadly moves together with Constantinescu and Ciuvica, although we have been trying to get rid of the stigma left by the Romanian Democratic Convention. The PNL is behaving like a fortress assaulted by the boogieman in Cotroceni Palace and by other enemies too. One can't be in politics with a blanket on his head and in defensive." Flutur claimed the PNL couldn't survive on the remains of the political heritage left by the Bratianu family, on the illusion that "the postman rings once in four years to bring your annuity." Flutur's critique was tough: "The difference between the present PNL leaders and the politics of the Bratianu family is that the latter managed to establish a big party, whereas the present party officials want to dismember it."
On the other side there was the Liberal minister of culture Adrian Iorgulescu, who described Stolojan's group as 'immoral' and claimed their main target was to destroy the PNL. He also opined the group was actually taking orders from 'outside', obviously hinting at the President of Romania Traian Basescu.
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