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President in offside
The Conservatives' decision to quit the government has taken many by surprise. It has been a long time since political analysts were positive about Voiculescu's unwillingness to renounce power. But we can see it is happening now. The PC (Conservative Party) can now be the origin of significant moves and of a true regrouping of the political groups in Bucharest. What consequences can this sudden retreat of the PC have? What does the title of this editorial mean?
I think it is now obvious to everyone that the origin of the 4-party Coalition in power in the last 2 years is the unnatural alliance of the PNL (National Liberal Party) and the PD (Democrat Party), an artificial achievement which the Basescu-Stolojan tandem extracted from Romanian politics. The same tandem pushed things so that the PNL-PD Alliance would rule. They attracted the UDMR (Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania) and the PC (formerly called the Humanist Party) into it. President Basescu himself, taking responsibility for the structure of the present government, called the PC 'the immoral solution'. But we can now see this 'immoral solution' defying the President and publicly announcing that Traian Basescu is the main reason why they are leaving the government, now really vulnerable in case of a devastating attack from the opposition. Apart from allegations, Tariceanu's government has no longer got parliamentary majority, no matter the calculations we make. Therefore any parliamentary motion against the government can throw them over board. The first test is now, since they are to vote for the budget in December. According to the Constitution, unless the budget is passed, 2007 will be ruled by the previous budget law, the one at work in 2006. The refusal of the budget law isn't a parliamentary motion automatically. But given the national circumstances of 2007 and Romania's accession to the EU, the government can have no choice and resign unless they have a specific budget. How will the other parliamentary parties respond to Voiculescu's opening?
The UDMR is waiting to see what is happening, just like usually. It is the first time they have admitted early elections to be likely. The PNL has done the same and the Liberals don't seem to be amazed at the multiple changes inside and outside their own party. This is a logical solution for Corneliu Vadim Tudor, whose party is truly on the rise. But given their previous evolution, it is not known whether the ascent continues or stops. The Democrats don't seem willing to quit power, hence their ambiguous response. But the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) is in high class politics, blaming Basescu and the PD for the mess. The Social-Democrats haven't mentioned intention to boycott the budget, to come up with parliamentary motion against the government or to ask for early elections. It is because the rise is just beginning.
But everyone is leaving Basescu in offside. He is treated like a political player who has lost his ability to arbitrate and negotiate, like a politician against the system. How will he get rid of this passive part?
Sorin Rosca Stanescu 
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