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  Nr. 3793 de miercuri, 29 noiembrie 2006 
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Musca joins Stolojan's project
Although the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive) verdict showed she had been involved in political police activities, Mona Musca changed her mind yesterday and joined the Stolojan-Stoca project. Since she had previously claimed she would contribute to it only after getting Justice annul the CNSAS verdict, the ex Liberal deputy claimed yesterday: "I am joining my colleagues who support this Liberal project because I have got several arguments. First, it is highly important to me that insiders want me next to them. And what has lately happened in Sibiu and Arad is relevant."(...)
She added serenely that it was "natural" for her to join the adepts of the Liberal project, especially that the Stolojan-Musca-Stoica trio had been the first to release an appeal for solidarity within the National Liberal Party. (...) (R.G.)
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