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EU restricts Romanian food for Russia's sake
EU veterinary experts took new temporary measures meant to make agriculture products from Romania and Bulgaria meet EU norms. Russia was presented these measures last Monday, as announced by one European Commission member.
Such measures may diminish Russia's concern, as the latter country threatened to set embargo on EU products of animal origin after the accession of Romania and Bulgaria, because of food safety flaws in the two states.
Romania and Bulgaria are disallowed to re-export to the EU all the products of animal origin they import before January 1, 2007 or those products not in keeping with EU norms. The latter may be sold on the national market or re-exported by the end of 2007 to non-EU states, but only if there is authorization from the importer.
The European Commission experts informed about these new measures in Moscow, although claiming they were not a response to the Russian authorities' concern. Philip Todd, a spokesman for the Commission, mentioned there were all guarantees that EU food safety standards would be met after the accession of Romania and Bulgaria. (L.M.)
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