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CIA prison scandal nails 11 states to the wall
The EU committee investigating accusations that certain European states housed secret Detention centers of the CIA is to present the final report today, one year after the scandal burst out because the US press reported on the CIA secret operations in Europe. According to the EUObserver, the document to be released today mentions numerous CIA secret flights that crossed Romania and Poland. Romania is also described as an "uncooperative state", just like Italy, Britain, Austria and Macedonia.
They say the report will point to 11 EU members as it indicates that terrorist suspects were abducted from the territories of Italy, Britain, Germany, Sweden and Austria. The report also claims that there were CIA secret planes crossing Britain, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cypress, Italy, Romania and Poland. Socialist MEP Claudio Fava from Italy is to present the report.
According to the document, most flights suspected of having been used for "extraordinary extradition" or for transporting terrorist suspects were in Germany (336), Britain (170) and Ireland (147). (...) (L.P.)
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