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Cathedral Plaza abuse
Cozmin Gusa, president of the PIN (National Initiative Party) and also a deputy, held a press conference in the Parliament Palace yesterday to report on the corruption crimes arranged by the PD (Democrat Party) in the City Hall of Bucharest. Gusa promised to provide the governmental group for control with information on Videanu's tricks and claimed the monstrous building to be erected in the center of Bucharest proved Videanu's business to be above the protests of the Vatican, the Parliament of Europe and the Senate of Romania.
The information he unveiled yesterday relies on the reports published in ZIUA, on the ones published in May 9 and July 26 in particular. Gusa said he would ask the governmental group for control to analyze the groups of interests in power in the City Hall of Bucharest. He claimed that Adrian Bold, an architect-in-chief in Bucharest, had helped mayor Videanu with the Cathedral Plaza business. As a reward, the mayor had deleted half of the $ 300,000 the architect was to pay because of his ill intentions concerning an urbanism certificate for a property owner. (...) (M.T.)
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