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Six accuseds for prosecutors
Six persons accused of crimes jeopardizing national security in the privatization caze went to the Prosecutor's Office for hearing yesterday.
Ministry councilor Mihai Radu Donciu was the first to be interrogated by prosecutors. Turkish citizen Mustafa Oral, as well as Dorin Mucea, the ex executive of the Office for State Participation and Privatization in Industry in the Ministry of Economy, Vadim Benyatov, Bulgarian consultant Stamen Stancev and Robert Neagoe followed shortly after. Stamen Stanchev, Vadim Benyatov and Mustafa Oral left the building 20 minutes later. They were to return to continue the hearing at about 7 in the evening. When ZIUA called it a day they were still being interrogated.
Prosecutors' decision to summon them to hearing at the same time is extremely bizarre, since hearings are usually part of a schedule. The fact that after 20 minutes the accuseds were told to come back later is not in keeping with current practice.
Mustafa Oral's lawyer claimed his client was innocent. He said Oral was summoned to questioning because of his connection to Stamen Stancev, a relationship he described as private, but not due to business. Vadim Benyatov said he was surprised to hear such accusations against him. He explained he had such business in several states, but only in Romania he found himself accused of intelligence.
Radu Donciu pleaded innocent too and claimed having made clear several issues together with the prosecutors.
As for Michal Susak, one accused not in Romania, he denied the accusations. He told the Czech Business Weekly that he learnt about the ongoing investigations from the press and claimed he was shocked because the accusations were ridiculous. (O.B.)
Energy contracts to be available
The privatization contracts of energy companies in Romania are going to be posted on the Internet Page of the Ministry of Economy. There are several companies who consented to the idea: OMV Aktiengesellschaft (Austria), E.ON Ruhrgas and E.ON Energie A.G. (Germany). CEZ a.s. (the Czech Republic) and ENEL Distribuzione A.p.A. (Italy). According to the press release, Gaz de France is expected to express agreement today. (...) G.M.)
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