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PSD is halfway through ordeal
"Half of the ordeal we are going through because of Traian Basescu and the lying Coalition is now over". This is how the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) president Mircea Geoana encouraged local party officials yesterday morning. He insinuated the PSD had another half of an ordeal to go through.
Geoana claimed Basescu, Tariceanu and the groups of oligarchs around them were interested in one single thing: control on public funds. Then he developed upon his favorite topic: resetting the party's fight machine and winning all elections till 2009.
The PSD leader promised the mayors to become more critical of the present rulers and added: "But we wouldn't want too look too menacing because it is not fit for a Social-Democrat." He went on: "No one plays with the PSD. We are too powerful or there is too much solidarity. (...) You have seen the figures, you know how powerful we are." But he forgot to mention which time he was talking about. (...) (R.A.)
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