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Voronin doesn't long to be in Romania's train
The Moldovan Republic President Vladimir Voronin delivered a speech last Thursday and criticized some neighbor states' hostile attitude at his country. He meant Romania and Ukraine, BBC informs. Voronin claimed Romania wanted to push the Moldovan Republic towards the EU: "Some wish to bring us on their train to Europe, to decide the name of our mother tongue, to tell us that our history isn't ours, but that it is totally different." We can't keep on renouncing our goals and interests, because of the wish of neighbors, friends, strategic or not exactly, for various purposes." (...)
The oil terminal on the Danube, in Giurgiulesti, has been described by the World Wildlife Fund as risky for the Danube Delta pollution.
When delivering his speech at the opening of the oil terminal Voronin commented more: "But we, today's officials, must think about solutions to strategic affairs. They should indeed guarantee our country's independence and sovereignty. Not by words, but by economic, social and not last political means." (...) (G.D.)
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