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LATEST - In Brief
Free and dangerous
Romanian Police has now got a top of the most wanted Romanians. Omar Hayssam, Gregorian Bivolaru, Dorel Popa, Mihai Bucurenciu, Paul Popa and Ioan Clamparu are the first. Terrorism, sex with children, drug and flesh trafficking, kidnapping and murders are the reasons why these 6 people should be behind bars.
The escape of terrorist no. 1 is still shrouded in mystery and he is assumed to be in Syria now. The MISA (Group for Spiritual Integration in Absolute) guru Gregorian Bivolaru was granted political exile in Sweden after authorities had turned the inquiry against him into show. Dorel Popa is a baron of drugs who made a fortune by drug trafficking. He is now spending it at ease in Columbia. Mihai Bucurenciu opened the famous 'Moon' operation, torturing and kidnapping people. But the Police haven't managed to get him extradited from Belgium. Paul Popa shot a man dead in Deva, he is suspected of connections with the Greek murderer Passaris and also of having killed policeman Sasa Disici. As for Claparu, known as 'Pig Head', he got himself a flesh trafficking empire in Spain by torturing people. (...) (B.G., G.T.)
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