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Prince Duda to head Italy and Germany
The Romanian government's special representative Prince Radu is to pay an official visit to Italy and Germany in October 31-November 3. He is going to attend several conferences and sessions.
Prince Radu is going to attend a Rome conference on the financing and developing of European affairs, arranged by the Forum Invest in Romania and the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade. The Prince will be a speaker in the session on Romania as destination for internationalizing and capital export to Europe, as well as on big opportunities for small and medium enterprises in industry and agriculture.
As for the visit to Germany, Prince Radu is going to head Berlin for documentation and attend a session on the Romanian-German military cooperation. Then he is to visit the University of Heidelberg and attend a congress on the role of monarchy in Romania's history and German-Romanian relations, organized by the Eastern European History Institute of Heidelberg University. (...) (D.I.)
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