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Liberals support Vosganian
The Permanent Delegation of the PNL (National Liberal Party) announced yesterday full support for senator Varujan Vosganian, in spite of the media attacks against him. Behind shut door Vosganian insisted that accusations claiming he had collaborated with the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania) were the plots of Mircea Geoana's Social-Democrats.
The Foreign Intelligence Service in Romania made an official announcement yesterday, admitting they had no information on the Liberal senator's alleged connections with the ex Securitate. The CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive) board decided to check on Vosganian's past one more time.
Liberal leaders criticized PM Tariceanu yesterday because of the exchange he had made with the President of Romania Traian Basescu. Deputy Radu Ruseanu suggested Tariceanu's prerogatives should be limited and proposed the PNL should have an executive president. Although the Liberals got together to talk about the post-accession strategy and domestic party affairs, the meeting focussed on Vosganian's case. (...)
No collaboration with the ex Securitate
At the end of the meeting Vosganian denied any collaboration with the ex Securitate, as well as the information claiming he had been financed by businessmen. He mentioned: "I have never had any collaboration with a Securitate structure." (...)
As for accusations that he had been on some magnates' "bill", the Liberal senator explained there was a difference between financing a political party and financing a person. He described such information that had reached the Council of Europe as "twisted, ill-meaning and groundless". He opined the emergence of such information was "an attempt of manipulation", adding the sources were "relevant".
The Liberal senator said he told Barroso that in 1989 he had been injured and arrested in Jilava for his participation in the Revolution in December, "which was very unlikely to happen to a collaborator of intelligence structures". Vosganian warned those taking over such defaming information on his collaboration with the ex Securitate that they would probably have to explain it to the court. (...)
No reproach from Barroso
Vosganian claimed Barroso reproached him for nothing. He explained: "As for what was in the Romanian press, he told me something that seemed normal: to come up with arguments so that he could counter such press news when it reached the offices of more MEPs." He added he had written to the European Commission, providing explanations on such accusations, including the CNSAS decision that there was no evidence of his collaboration with the ex Securitate.
Vosganian commented: "As for yesterday, I want to apologize to everyone, but EU officials demanded me to make no statement. This is why yesterday I avoided meeting with the press, not because I had something to hide."
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