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Suspended defense minister resigned
Liberal Teodor Atanasiu, the suspended defense minister, announced his resignation yesterday at Victoria Palace, in the very Day of the Army. The President of Romania Traian Basescu had suspended him 44 days before.
Atanasiu mentioned yesterday that he had informed the Romanian PM about his resignation. The ex minister explained he had done the necessary things to prove his innocence, which he succeeded. Still, he claimed, the Romanian President wouldn't apply the legal norms and revoke the decree suspending the defense minister. Atanasiu commented he decided to be the smartest one who surrendered first, but opined the ministry would be harmed because of his decision. He added: "I have told the PM that I don't think we can find a Liberal to become a defense minister able to collaborate with President Basescu."
The ex minister also claimed that his decision was meant to help the ministry get over the crisis and to deprive the President of a "pleasure" such as dismissing the minister. Atanasiu commented: "I don't want Traian Basescu to attain any of his top personal objectives: early elections, dismissal of the PM and dismissed of the defense minister." He thanked the ministry staff for their collaboration and asked the future defense minister to continue the fight against corruption in the system, which he himself had started. (O.B.)
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