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ZIUA wins bet
The choice for Liberal Varujan Vosganian to become a EU Commissioner is what ZIUA anticipated in October 21, betting on the Liberal senator. Our assumption was that he fitted the general portrait of an EU commissioner bet.
A few days later more main Romanian dailies published the same piece of information. The PM made the official announcement after meeting with President Basescu and negotiating a bargain. Vosganian would become an EU commissioner and a Democrat would become a minister of defense in order to balance the political forces. Therefore the suspended defense minister Teodor Atanasiu resigned because he had no choice. The Democrats found someone to take over at once: Sorin Frunzaverde.
The latter Democrat official was a defense minister before, in 1996-2000. Although both the Liberals and Democrats talked about yesterday's bargain in terms of a victory of the Alliance in power, every side started to explain the advantages.
To the Liberals' satisfaction, President Basescu could not sign the official letter recommending Vosganian, although he would have liked to. It was only the Romanian PM who signed the letter to the European Commission, which was rather inconvenient to Basescu. The latter thought it would make EU officials believe that Romania's proposals for the Parliament of Europe would be taken as the PM's attributions, but not as the President's.
On the other hand, the Democrats interpreted the bargain as their own success. Democrats' leaders opined it was better there was a Democrat to head the Ministry of Defense, since the Parliament of Europe might not consent to the choice for Vosganian. (. D.I.)
Family agreement
Both the Conservatives and the Social-Democrats have taken the choice for Liberal Varujan Vosganian to become an EU commissioner as a political bargain between the PNL (National Liberal Party) and the PD (Democrat Party). Conservatives' vice president Nicolae Popa commented it was a "family agreement": "They reached consensus on this, like a family agreement. But on other points they reached no consensus." He opined the choice for Vosganian would be favorable to Romania.
The PSD (Social-Democrat Party) spokesman Cristian Diaconescu mentioned that, if proved true, such exchange was unacceptable, because of disobeying EU professionalism criteria. (...)
As for Liberal Bogdan Olteanu, president of the Chamber of Deputies, he commented it was an honor for the PNL to have one of their members become an EU commissioner. He outlined that the decision to have a Democrat take over the Ministry of Defense was no "bargain", but "a wise political decisions." (R.A.)
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