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Vadim claims Dinescu is SIE officer
Daniela Buruiana, a representative of the PRM ("Great Romania" Party) heading the parliamentary subcommission to check on the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive), claims one CNSAS member is also an undercover SIE (Foreign Intelligence Service) officer "collaborating with services hostile to Romania and the NATO group."
Yesterday Buruiana went to the CNSAS to check on the way the records from the SIE archive had been transferred to the CNSAS. When getting into the building she mentioned she couldn't give the respective member's name, because she wasn't "entitled to make such information public".
The PRM president Corneliu Vadim Tudor claimed the same thing, Yesterday he agreed to tell us who was the alleged SIE agent among CNSAS members: Mircea Dinescu himself. Given the numerous disputes the PRM official has had with the latter, such statement was more than predictable. Vadim commented: "(...) If there is a record on a SIE informer, it can only be Dinescu's. I have known some things about the issue for quite a time now. It's no news to me that Mircea Dinescu is with the Russians."
He added that Serghei Cernomaz, the Russian embassy's representative in charge of military affairs, had played a key part in the business. Vadim commented more: "Who took over Romania after 1989? People like Ion Iliescu and Mircea Dinescu, more exactly the Soviet wing. I hear Dinescu is having a press conference tomorrow. He says he is fed-up with the CNSAS. Maybe he is scared and wants to run away from the place. If he leaves, maybe Moscow grabs him again."
Dinescu: "This is petty!"
Dinescu replied that the PRM official was "a national liar." He was enraged: "He is a professional liar who used to praise the former regime and the Communist system. This is petty! What can I say? That I am not? Shall I say I am innocent? He called my wife and my sister whores. What should say? That they aren't whores?" (...)
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