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CNSAS implosion
Mircea Dinescu is threatening he will resign from the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive). Today he will express some suggestions on changing the institution's activity. Unless they are considered, he will leave the CNSAS building for good. He told us: "I will ask the CNSAS board should dissolve. Only the board, not the CNSAS! The institution is good and it must stay a research institution. The group of researchers, those who decipher the records, is absolutely necessary." He told us about a second suggestion to be expressed in the press conference due today at 12:00 p.m.: " I am demanding full transparency! The press should be invited to attend questionings of politicians. The meetings when we discuss about the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania) members and informers must be public so that no tricks can be played!"
Dinescu came up with a third point: records to be posted on the Internet. He will ask that all records of ex Securitate collaborators should be posted on the Internet "so that there will be no more disputes". He put it straight: "If they don't agree with any of these, I will resign. I don't want to be part in such things any more." He announced he would tackle the Mona Musca issue too, on whom CNSAS members decided she had been involved in the political police. He added: "I will talk about the CNSAS, about political influences and more."
Marcu Tudor informed against one officer
Another reason why Dinescu is so annoyed is the postponement of a verdict in the case of Marcu Tudor (brother of Corneliu Vadim Tudor), who signed agreement with the ex Securitate. Sources close to the CNSAS claim in this case there are several proves of political police action than in Mona Musca's case. According to information we have, Marcu Tudor had an agreement with the ex Securitate as military officer and under Iliescu's regime he became a general. Sources say Marcu Tudor informed against one officer, telling the latter was in the habit of listening "to certain radio posts opposing security." Sources comment: "This is obviously political police!"
Ticu says he will leave
On Tuesday evening CNSAS member Constantin Tidu Dumitrescu said he would resign, unless authorities eliminated from the CNSAS Law phrases like "collaboration with the Securitate as political police" and "national security". (...) He commented that without such change and without posting records on the Internet the law wouldn't accomplish its initial mission. This is why, he explained, I am thinking about resigning this winter.
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