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Dying men network
The villains invented astonishing methods to deprive the rightful owners of the houses they sleep in peacefully, with the property documents under the pillows. In order to delete all traces the criminals make use of dying people. The latter actually die after selling houses as mandate owners. The criminals use fake notary documents, allegedly drawn in the US, and the dying have got no idea about what they are doing.
Notary Livia Alexandru approves of house sale on grounds of fake proxies providing people dying in hospitals with mandate. ZIUA has detected two such cases of real estate tricks and we have got clues that this method is rather wildly spread. There are two authors of it: Joseph Stark, an international criminal now imprisoned in Romania, and general surgeon Adrian Murea, employed by the Interior Ministry Hospital. The first building at stake is a villa on 39 Kiseleff Avenue and it belongs to a family settled in the US. Stefan Gavrila is an elderly man suffering from cancer, now in doctor Murea's hospital. He sold the villa to a company represented by an Arab man everyone last heard about in 1997. Ihab Abed sold the house to Stark right afterwards. In Stark's washing machine the police found the Arab man's identity card and the stamps of the notary who had provided Gavrila with mandate.
While on his deathbed Stefan Macovei sold Dragos Riscanu's house in Delevrancea Avenue to doctor Murea, in whose care the diseased was. A US notary who has never existed drew the proxy. The Police found the surgeon not guilty. Both the Ministry of Justice and the Public Notary Bar found Lavinia Alexandru not guilty. The case has reached the National Anti-Corruption Department, but the latter are in no hurry. Riscanu is now fighting against Justice to get back the house he was left without all of a sudden.
In today's newspaper you can read full reports on the issue. (...)
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