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US Congress criticizes Romanian Justice and wants international child adoption
Just one day before President Basescu's visit to Washington the US Congress passed a resolution warning about the state of Romanian Justice and asking that international child adoption should start again. According to Resolution no. 949 adopted in July 26, 2006, the US Congress demands the Bucharest government to proceed to additional measures and settle an independent, professional and apolitical Justice system. The US Congress also asks Romania to accomplish the processing of international child adoption cases that were going on at the time when Law 273/2003 passed and amend the child protection and adoption law in order to allow for national and international child adoption.
Romanian authorities are determined to continue to use the present legislation on international child adoption. This is what Theodora Bertzi, head of the ORA (the Romanian Office for Child Adoption), claims. She expresses doubts that the relaxation of such adoptions would lead to more flexible procedures to get visas for the US. Bertzi explains the above-mentioned resolution is actually identical to a former one adopted last April by the House of Representatives, who were asking for modifications to Law 273/ 2004 on child adoption requirements. The resolution also demands analysis on more than 200 cases of children on which Romanian authorities finished the reports in March.
The ORA president explains foreign families who didn't get a positive response from authorities were sent back their documents along with information about the state of the respective children. The resolution advises Romanian officials to see to children's interests first so that international adoption would be allowed not only for family relatives, but also for other families who wish to adopt children from Romania. The document expresses the opinion of the House of Representatives, but it has got no juridical power, Bertzi mentions. She says 30,000 Romanian children were adopted abroad after 1990 and about 35% are now in the US. There are also a few hundreds now living in Hungary and the Czech Republic. Right now in Romania there are 2,200 families registered as eligible adoptive parents, but there are only 1,300 children waiting to be adopted. (D.E.)
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