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Local mafia
Corrupted policemen, prosecutors and judges established a system of clans who commit crimes without fearing the law in Romania. Such mafia men doing whatever they please throughout the country except for Bucharest use all means to supply the their own pockets and those of corrupted magistrates and politicians they get protection from. Some names of such people reached President Basescu's desk.
In today's newspaper you can read about some amazing cases in Suceava, Bacau, Calarasi and Ploiesti: common mortals crashed with consent from the Social-Democrat mayor, prosecutors asking gas station employees for bribe, prison doctors encouraging patients with words like "people die" and real wrestling.
This is the picture depicted in statements that despaired people sent the CSM (Superior Council of Magistrates), the Presidency of Romania, the Prosecutor's Office and the Interior Ministry. Traian Halip was sentenced by the mafia in Suceava for having tried to unmask corruption among local Justice staff. The mob men in Bacau set houses on fire, proceeded to blackmail, theft, burglary, destruction of belongings, fake auctions, animal poisoning, abduction of people and torture in order to persuade Lioliu Enache into not bringing a British investor. The case arrested the attention of the British Embassy in Romania. A bulldozer was used to fix Gheorghe Tudosea because he had tried to denounce the alliance of people working for PSD senator Taracila, Constantin Tudor and Mihai Arbagic and local mob men. Judge Gabriela Tanase asked him: "How could you dare ask prefect Tudor Constantin and Mr. Arbagic Mihai resign?" Then she decided a fine of 5 million RON was to be paid by the man who had spent 150 days in hospital. Niculae Tanase says prosecutor Balica in Ploiesti got him arrested because he had refused to give him the gas station. The nightmare went on in prison too, as "commissioner Constantin wanted money" to get him out of jail and doctor Popovici wanted money too to help him survive.
And the local mafia has worked at ease both under the Social-Democrat regime and under the Liberal-Democrat one now in power. (...)
Silviu ALUPEI 
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