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Denounce yourselves!
Two days ago while attending Robert Turcescu's talk show on Realitatea TV, ZIUA director Sorin Rosca Stanescu presented one report from the record drawn by ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service) agents who had watched him. Rosca Stanescu explained that 7 journalists, colleagues of his working for "Informatia Bucurestiului" daily in 1988, had reported against him to the Securitate. He would give only the code names of the 7: Mares, Jan, Mitu, Magda, Iancu, Radu and Esanu. He asked them to come out and admit they had collaborated with the Communist secret service. Still he explained that the information delivered by the latter had done him no harm, as it was "correct and favorable." (...)
The ZIUA director mentioned in Romania there were many journalists who had collaborated with the ex Securitate, since 7 out of only 30 journalists working for "Informatia Bucurestiului" had reported against him and he had been at straight terms with 15 of the 30 employees.
As for the Civic Media initiative to unmask all such journalist-collaborators together with the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive), Rosca Stanescu urged Romanian journalists to proceed to "self-denunciation", that is to say they collaborated with the former regime. As for his ex status as informer of the Anti-Terrorist Brigade in the ex Securitate, he commented: "As far as I am concerned, those who think my good deeds matter more than the evil ones are now readers loyal to ZIUA. It is every citizen's right to make a choice." (D.I.)
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