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Reserve for Copos
Romanian Conservatives are looking for one of their members to replace George Copos, vice PM who resigned two days ago. The Romanian PM himself got involved and yesterday he had a meeting with Dan Voiculescu, president of the PC (Conservative Party). They talked about a new PC member to take over Copos's position. Tariceanu demanded the Conservatives for analysis and proposal. The final decision is to be announced next Monday, after the party's Political Committee looks into proposals.
Until them some party favorites are already being voiced. Senator Sabin Cutas is top of the list, despite his reticence. Voiculescu himself seems to be another favorite. Copos said it in a TV show. But there are party members claiming Voiculescu is not willing to take over. And there is also Maria Grapini, a member of the PC in Timis. PC Euro observer Stefan Glavan has started lobby for her. (V.D.)
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