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Cheating on people's holidays
Daciana Sarbu cheated on the National Youth Agency to the benefit of some private companies. She managed such huge cheat in the last minute of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) rule. The Public Intern Audit Department in the PM's Chancellery identified 22 locations that Daciana Sarbu provided to private companies illegally, after no auction and after breaking all norms of public-private partnership. Due to such tricks the respective companies got huge benefits.
Daciana's strategy
The National Youth Agency was established when the PSD was ruling. It was meant to efficiently administrate the locations to host holiday camps for children. All the buildings where Romanian schoolchildren spent their holidays were transferred from the Education Ministry to the newly established agency. Their purpose was a noble one initially. But Daciana Sarbu managed to change it, as she headed the agency until a short while ago.
It is unbelievable how a handle of people serving the interests of the PSD managed to steal properties of thousand billions. The strategy was precise and now it will take years to fix the situation and make up for the billions invested in civil lawsuits. (...)
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