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Scheele: Romania should be a model for the Moldovan Republic
Jonathan Scheele, head of the EU Delegation in Bucharest, opined yesterday that Romania should become the seventh power of Europe economically too, not just as number of representatives in the Parliament of Europe. Scheele expressed wish that in the next 10 years Romania should become a model for the Moldovan Republic.
The EU official commented that in order to become a real European state Romania had to defeat its most burdening complex: lack of self trust. He opined that as far as this was concerned the EU was a favorable context that could have important contribution. Scheele advised Romanian politicians to proclaim a set of ideals to pursue, apart from the ready made ones. He also emphasized politicians had to become aware that corruption was a real crime against society and freedom needed to be consolidated by means of an independent Justice.
Yesterday the EU official was awarded the Doctor Honoris Causa titled by Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi. (D.E.)
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"Romania should become a model for the Moldovan Republic".... Yippee !   de CONU
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