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Government restructuring has got no future
Coalition partners might decide to renegotiate their Protocol. The UDMR (Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania) leader Marko Bela suggested it, claiming that the Executive could be restructured only if there were renegotiations on the Coalition's Protocol. Emil Boc, president of the PD (Democrat Party), expressed willingness to agree, on condition that this should not mean refusal to restructure the government. Dan Modreanu, general secretary of the Liberal Party, also invoked new negotiations on the Protocol.
UDMR wants the Transport Ministry
UDMR leader Marko Bela explains why there should be restructuring only if the Coalition's Protocol is renegotiated: "The structure of the present government is part of the agreement we reached when we made this Coalition. It is neither logical nor normal that the quest for fortune should begin before debates start."
He mentions the UDMR will be the partner of those who want a thorough change. Bela claims that in case this is achieved, the UDMR is interested in getting as many official positions of general interest as possible. He mentions that instead of the delegate transport minister, they would like to get their representative become a minister of transport and adds Borbely is "one of the most efficient ministers." (...)
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