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PM Tariceanu tackles bird flu
Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu chaired yesterday meeting of the Central Anti-epizootic Committee and decided on several measures, says Executive spokeswoman Oana Marinescu.
As far as households involved in the spreading of the virus are concerned, they decided to intensify checks and take more samples. Marinescu mentions authorities decided on target localities: those where the bird flu virus was detected and those close to national roads. As for poultry farms, more checks are to follow and look into how local authorities apply disinfecting measures on cars that reach the farms and on staff as well. 10 joint teams are to be made up and check the activity in districts like Brasov, Prahova and Bacau.
Bird flu virus in 75 localities
The bird flu virus was confirmed in samples taken from fowl in 75 localities of Romania. Most localities reached by the virus are the districts of Brasov and Prahova and more 35 are suspected of it. The National Sanitary Veterinary Authority for Food Safety made the announcement yesterday.
Scheele wants to know what happened in Codlea
Romanian authorities should find out sooner that happened in the Codlea farm, says Jonathan Scheele, head of the EU Delegation to Bucharest, in an interview to RFI. Scheele opines that Romanian authorities responded well to the emergence of the bird flu virus in Romania, except for some flaws regarding the poultry farm in Codlea. The EU officials thinks Romanian should take great efforts to improve food safety. Scheele mentions that due to such positive attitude Romania has gained some more trust and expresses hope we will be over it. As for the case in Codlea, he says the virus wasn't detected in time and prevented from spreading. Scheele says he stays in touch with Brussels officials as well as with the authorities of other member states. (...) (L.M.)
Turkeys PatiProd buried had died of bird flu
The main sources of the latest bird flu virus in Romania are the poultry farms in Codelea, said Gabriel Predoi, head of the Sanitary Veterinary Authority for Food Safety. Yesterday while in Victoria Palace he did not mention how the H5N1 had got to these farms, but said investigations were progressing. Predoi came with a real pierce of news: in the PatiProd farm there had been bird flu cases in April 21-29. Authorities' checks discovered two holes close to the farm, where they had buried dead turkey brood in April 24-29. Predoi explained: "Rapid tests have proved that the turkey brood died of bird flu. The farm staff kept it secret. Had they informed authorities, the number of bird flu cases would have been much smaller." (...) (C.S.)
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