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ZIUA saves the Cathedral
The ZIUA campaign to save St. Joseph Cathedral in Bucharest has been successful: general mayor of Bucharest Adriean Videanu announced yesterday that the solution suggested by Ioan Robu, Archbishop of the Catholic Church, could put an end to the dispute on the plan to erect a building next to the Cathedral. Videanu mentioned it was about getting a different piece of land belonging to the church on Coposu Avenue, which should host the much controversial Millenium Building.
ZIUA has been campaigning for 38 days now, unveiling everything that is behind the Cathedral Plaza affair. We have managed to provide fair information to citizens and public authorities, who have many a time pretended not to see crimes committed under their very eyes. The report drawn by the State Office for Checks on Building proved that the whole process to authorize the block of flats next to the Cathedral was illegal. The Vatican responded against it and churchgoers' protests have also been successful.
In April 18 ZIUA started campaign to inform about the plan to erect a building next to St Joseph Cathedral in Bucharest. In the last months many crimes behind the affair have been disclosed and lots of Romanian Catholics protested against the project. In April 19, Civic Media launched Internet petition to save the Cathedral: www.petitiononline.com/VideaNU. 5,500 people have subscribed so far. At that time there was also launched debate forum http://groups.yahoo.com/group/videaNU/. It has contributed a lot to spreading information about projects meant to devastate the capital of Romania.
Civic Media has proposed that the ground on which the building was to be erected should become "Pope John Paul II" Park.
Victor RONCEA 
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